Committed to the places where we operate
We build long-term relationships based on trust with our neighbors

At Repsol, we are aware that any activity can result in potential impacts. That is why we are committed to the local development of the areas where we operate. We get involved in day-to-day activities and strive to be good neighbors.

One example can be found in the Tarragona facility, with more than 40 years of activity, whose presence has driven constant economic and employment growth in the area in addition to all the energy and resources it produces on a daily basis.

As Josep Bertran, Repsol's Communication manager in Tarragona, says, “They see us as involved neighbors, which is what we are, committed to them and to the area. We participate in their everyday activities and festivals. The doors of the facility are open to them so they can see it. This has made the relationship closer, making it more personal.”

They see us as involved neighbors, committed to them and to the area

Josep Bertran

Communication Manager

That is why we are promoting numerous projects and initiatives to contribute to the economic, social, and cultural development of the area. One such project is the dual professional training plan we are carrying out in conjunction with the Comte de Rius school. Through this program, students complete internships in our facility, and most of them are subsequently hired to work at Repsol.

We also support numerous cultural events, including the project "Centcelles, el nostre objectiu" (Centcelles, our goal), which we are undertaking in collaboration with the Constanti Town Council and the Archaeological Museum of Tarragona. Among other objectives, this educational project is aimed at incentivizing proposals to better understand this Roman monument, which has been declared a World Heritage Site. To this end, new ways of gaining insight into Roman History are being introduced through the use of new technologies and by fostering teamwork among the schoolchildren participating in the project.

In 2013, we set up the Public Advisory Panel, a consultative body which has allowed us to establish an open and permanent information channel with our neighbors. Panel members are citizens from the facility's area of influence who represent different sectors and sensibilities and help us to analyze and enhance our relations with our neighbors and better understand their expectations. This is a further example of our commitment to the areas where we carry out our activities.