Leaders in technological innovation
We are committed to biotechnology, the fight against climate change, and technological adaptation

At Repsol we are convinced that technological innovation is key to addressing the major challenge faced by our industry: to supply energy to society in an affordable, efficient, safe, and sustainable manner, evolving towards a low-emission energy model.

For decades, Repsol's firm commitment to innovation has enabled us to develop new technologies applicable to all our businesses, to improve the energy efficiency of our processes and facilities, and to research and develop new forms of energy.

One of the pillars of our strategy is biotechnology; we have a line of work that explores its potential in the energy sector.

The Division of Technology and Sustainability coordinates the projects promoted by Repsol that are tied to the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) fund in its four areas of action: carbon capture, use, and storage (CCUS); reduction of methane emissions; improvement of energy efficiency; and contribution to transportation efficiency.

Over the coming years, another challenge will be to adapt the technological solutions to the conditions, needs, and regulations specific to each region or country. In this regard, collaboration agreements have already been signed with public institutions in countries such as Vietnam, to collaborate in the development of R&D projects.