Energy consumption within the organization

Internal energy consumption’s breakdown

2014 2015[1] 2016[2]
Fuels (millions of tons) 3.75 4.39 4.55
Purchased electricity (106MWh)[3] 2.58 1.18 1.07
Purchased steam (106GJ)[4] 3.79 3.83 3.80

Energy consumption by activity

The following graph shows the breakdown of energy consumption by areas of activity in 2016:

Created with Highstock 5.0.9Consumo energético por actividad0.45%0.45%12.69%12.69%27.50%27.50%59.36%59.36%20160%25%50%75%100%2016Otros: 0.45%Química: 12.69%Exploración y Producción: 27.50%Refino: 59.36%
Exploración y Producción


The increase for 2016 in comparison with the previous year is due to the inclusion of ROGCI assets from the month of January (2015 figures include ROGCI from its acquisition in May). The values for other business sectors are still comparable to the figures for 2015.


  1. Data for electricity and steam purchased in 2015 were modified with respect to the 2015 Sustainability Report as a result of verification after the report had been issued.
  2. Data currently being verified. Once verification is completed, they will be available on the website.
  3. Only electricity purchased for consumption within the company is considered.
  4. Only steam purchased for consumption within the company is considered.