Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions intensity[1]

The intensity of greenhouse gas emissions was calculated to include scope 1 and scope 2 emissions per ton of crude oil processed in the Refining sector, whilst in the Exploration and Production sectors it was calculated per barrels of oil equivalent (boe) produced.


2014 2015[2] 2016[3]
Greenhouse gas emissions intensity in Refining
(tCO2e/t crude oil processed)
0.275 0.246 0.246
Greenhouse gas emissions intensity in Exploration and Production
(tCO2e/thousands of boe produced)[4]
26.2 56.8 69.3

Every year an external company verifies that our greenhouse gas inventories comply with the most demanding quality and accuracy standards. In 2016, we plan on verifying 92% of all direct company emissions, in compliance with international standard ISO 14064.

We must also highlight that the scope of verification includes the PM3 asset in Malaysia, one of the assets acquired from ROGCI. Approximately 75% of GHG emissions in exploration and production are accounted for by the Malaysia asset, where emissions are mainly caused by gas venting during extraction, with a high content of CO2 (making its reuse for energy purposes difficult) associated with the purification of the natural gas extracted from this asset. We are currently analyzing the implementation of alternative improvements to minimize this venting.


  1. Global warming potentials used for the conversion to tons of CO2 equivalent have been updated from the information published in the 4th Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to align it with the most commonly used reference in the sector. Emissions for 2014 and 2015 have been recalculated taking this into consideration.
  2. The emissions data for 2015 have been changed with regard to the 2015 Sustainability Report, as a result of verification after the report had been issued.
  3. Data currently being verified. Once verification is complete, they will be available on the website. Local emission factors have been used for the scope 2 figures.
  4. The data have been calculated taking into account the gross production of our operating facilities, since the reported energy consumption reflects 100% of the consumption of these facilities, regardless of Repsol’s percentage in the same.